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I Challenge Thee… March 3, 2018

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One of the things I have had to admit to myself recently is that my writing muscles are atrophying from lack of use. It’s hard to say that because I love writing so much that it seems ridiculous to realize I haven’t written creatively in months, and I haven’t written consistently in years.

But, here we are.

I narrowly avoided despair over my current condition by remembering that I can start writing again any time I choose. Good!

Then I quickly crashed into a wall of doubt by remembering that I will need to faithfully exercise these writing muscles with some kind of regimen, preferably daily, and that I am horrible with daily ANYTHING. I don’t even eat the same times every day. I don’t even use the bathroom in a predictable manner. Nothing I do is consistent! So giving myself even tiny writing goals to hit every day feels intimidating.

But, here we are.


Writing for other people has always been easier for me to actually finish, so I thought maybe tossing some blog posts up would help. I also like imagining things visually, and I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to Visual Writing Prompts–no words, no starters, just images that intrigue my mind. I started doing a few of them and, while they’re not very good, it felt nice to explore how I felt about an image. My idea is to put the next 10 Visual Writing Prompts up on this dusty blog and plug them on my social media, because I will confess right now that getting outside approval on my work is like a dangling a carrot in front my writer-nose. It makes me feel a little cheap to say it, but I’m desperate enough to do anything that gets me to actually sit down and create at this point! BRING ON THE LIKES!



For the next month, my goal is to put up 10 different short stories based on a visual writing prompt and–well, wait a minute. A month is too long, I’ll forgive myself for not doing it too often. I need a better deadline.

By March 18th, 10:30pm EST, I will have 10 short stories here on verbosevictoria.

(hmmm, maybe i should devise a penalty if i don’t make my deadline…but i’m terrible at coming up with those…)

Well, if for some reason I miss my deadline, leave a comment with a penalty idea I can actually do.

And here we go!



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