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Funny Thing About Home Schooling… July 16, 2013

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We don’t follow a curriculum in our home schooling. We use any and all resources we deem valuable and I pay close attention (or TRY to) to what our kids are interested in. But although that may sound very chill, maybe even lacksadaisacal, it actually involves hard work!

I can’t depend on a schedule to assure my kids were given a chance to learn something. Believe me, in the longterm, that is a very good thing for us. But there are definitely days, sometimes full weeks, where I go crazy in my mind wondering if I’m shortchanging my kids.

I’ll examine my insecurities another time. The point is this.


Why is this important to me? Because I go kind of nuts over new pencils, blank notebooks, snazzy trappers, color-coordinated rulers and compasses… You get the idea. I want to buy about 50 folders. For each of my five children. Titus is four months and has zero need for folders, but nevertheless I want to get him the ones with little anchors on them. I love this stuff! And it gets expensive QUICK, even with back-to-school sales! I want new paper (TONS of new paper actually), new markers, new crayons, multi-colored sharpies, five-subject notebooks, the WORKS. 

My problem is, because I don’t have a school program I’m plugging into, I have to prioritize and choose which supplies to get and which to pass by. So hard! So, so hard. I want ALL THE THINGS, but I have to sit down and figure out which things we will legitimately need.

Of course, that presupposes that I actually know what we’re going to be doing.

I have some serious brainstorming to do.

Well, the good news with an eclectic approach to home schooling is that I have many, many contingency plans–all requiring a list of SSSSUPPLIESSSSSSS, YESSSS MY PRECIOUSSSSSS…


One Response to “Funny Thing About Home Schooling…”

  1. Stargirl Says:

    The only thing I ever liked about school was school supplies! HAHA I still do to this day, and am kind of wistful that I don’t have kids because now I don’t get to go school supply shopping anymore! I’d probably want to go overboard if I homeschooled, too.

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