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100 Yard Dash Blogging June 26, 2013

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Well it has been entirely too long since this happened, but my laptop has become temperamental all of a sudden, making long text documents nigh impossible to create. I can’t blog from my phone or my Kindle. It’s just too aggravating.

Here I am, though!

I’m not disciplined in my writing, during this time of my life, and I am overwhelmed by the possibilities of writing this blog. That means it is time for bullet points.

_I have always wished I could write humor. I have tried, but the best I can do is sarcasm. Laughing when something is said sarcastically is almost an act of profound relief, because you’re just SO glad it wasn’t about you. Truly funny writing is hard to do. Ah well, I suppose I can’t be reasonably good at everything.

_It feels so awkward in marriage when one spouse is inspired to greatness and the other is not…quite…there yet.  *feels awkward*

_Homeschooling conventions are something I have officially experienced. It was odd. From the determined hopeful newbies with their toddlers in tow to the veterans in denim skirts who sail through curriculum booths with an experienced eye–every single person there is addicted to KNOWLEDGE. We all just have this insatiable NEED TO KNOW. I learned some pretty cool stuff and even a few useful things.

_God is working on faithfulness in me. I finally get it. That’s why I keep feeling overwhelmed by the varied instances of unfaithfulness. And that’s why an opportunity to learn faithfulness on-the-job has arisen. (More on that another time.)

_My baby boy is so cute I can’t stand it. And he’s growing up so fast! 4 months old yesterday. Chubby, smiley, and sweet. Especially since I gave him a bath.

_It is an interesting feeling to have a deep-seated, CONSCIOUS conviction (not a sneaky presupposition you never realized was there) gradually challenged until you finally must concede it has entirely changed. Uncomfortable, yet invigorating. I’m glad I’m not stagnant.

_My old blogging stomping ground,, is fundraising for a complete makeover. I am so torn. On the one hand, I want it to succeed and I want to be part of it and I want to join the community I’ve so missed the last few years. On the other hand, community online was addictive for me and I’m having trouble justifying a monetary donation for a site that is part of my memories. I don’t want it to die! But I’m not sure I want to be part of it’s regeneration. Conflicting…

_I have really complex dreams most nights. If my subconscious has retained that many layers of character traits and plot lines, WHY do I find it so dang difficult to write even one novel? Maybe I should try hypnosis and have my subconscious write the stupid books. I’ll keep to my day job. I’ll be the first successful author who is totally oblivious to her own books.

_If I was successful with writing in a financial sense, I guarantee my husband would stay home and be a SAHD while I gallivanted across the country (world?) doing book signings and speaking engagements. That would be…awesome and bizarre? Seriously, I can’t imagine not being home all the time.

_I know what’s wrong. I’ve trained myself to be a sprint writer when what I want is marathon writing. Shoot.

_I should have made banana bread while he was sleeping, but now my baby is awake and it will be harder to do. Shoot again.


8 Responses to “100 Yard Dash Blogging”

  1. M Says:

    That’s interesting to hear your views about Xanga. Good luck with everything.

  2. Maria Says:

    If Eric became a SAHD, I would go with you, and let Kevin do the SAHD he is so fabulous at doing!

    Make banana bread tomorrow.

    Learn how to do henna tattoos with me. It is way fun!

  3. Stargirl Says:

    I didn’t know you’d just had another baby! Congratulations! How many kids do you have in total? I have forgotten. (Sorry).

    I understand your feelings about Xanga. I’m conflicted on it too. I really like WordPress, but the community at Xanga is pretty hard to beat.

    I’m just glad to see you around again, period. 🙂

    – Lily (BohemianLotus on Xanga)

  4. If it’s funny when you say it, it’ll be funny when you write it. Just write it in the same voice.

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