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I Give Myself Very Good Advice… March 20, 2013

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“…but I very seldom follow it.”

Story of my life, guys. Story. Of. My Life.

One thing I will do, however, is listen to the advice of people I admire. I admire my husband and he gives me really solid advice. His most recent gem? While I re-make the definition of “normal” in our family, I’ve taken to escaping the pressure by getting lost in the internet. I self-distract with entertainment. Instead of doing this, my husband suggests…

I write.

He’s so right. He’s so right it makes me a little sick, just before I get back to admiring him with doe-like eyes. And by the way, that’s not an exaggeration about the eyes.

I have married a man–an active, kinesthetic, hands-on, athletic sort of man–who actually supports my love for words. He takes me at my word when I describe my dreams of bylines and/or book signings (hey, I’ll take either one and thank you!), and then he does something I have never been able to do on my own. My husband asks,

When will you do that?”

In fact, I think he may be slightly more impatient than I am for the wishful thoughts to become my job. Sure, sure, he’d like a little extra income to help things along, but I promise you that’s not why he anticipates my success. As only a man who truly loves me could possibly do, he wants me to live out my design. And I was designed to be a writer. I’ve struggled for years over what that looks like, but I’ve never been able to deny that God made me to write. I married a man who gets this, embraces it, and never lets me forget it.

I am blessed.

By the way, I’ll probably be more prolific as the days wear on. My need to map out my soul will be overwhelming in the next few months. Maybe “normal” is over-rated?


2 Responses to “I Give Myself Very Good Advice…”

  1. Myxl Dove Says:

    I am so excited about this! Like, SUPER excited! Yes! You’re not waiting to BECOME a writer. You ARE a writer! An as yet unpublished author, perhaps. But it is your design.

    Okay, maybe, just maybe there’s a little part of my excitement that stems from you being around more and the potential for increased interaction. But hey, that’s what being a brother is all about, right? 😀

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