Painting heart-cries, word by word

Baby Debut March 7, 2013

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February 25th, 2am. “These are real. These are real contractions! Okay, okay, don’t freak out. Breeeathe. Try to sleep. No wait, stay up and write down these contractions first so you have something to go by later.”

5am. “I better get up, I can’t try to sleep between these contractions. Should probably wake up Eric and have him call the midwife.” (Pam is my midwife. She is absolutely incredible, gifted in what she does, almost as much of a life counselor as a midwife. I love Pam.)

5:30am. “Tell Pam to hurry! Call my mom! Call your mom!”

6:00am. “This is good. … Baby is moving down. … Keep moving, baby. … Pam’s here. … Can’t think. … Soon.”

6:45am. “Gotta move to the bed, gotta move to the bed, can’t movecan’tmovecan’tmooooove… Okay, okay. Moving. Bed. IT’S TIME!”

6:54am. And just like that


…he was here.



My sweet baby boy finally arrived in all the crescendo of a life being born and he is all hope and love and newness. God is so incredibly good. ~*~


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