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The To-Do List Theory of Spontaneity February 7, 2013

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When I got up this morning–or rather, when I creaked my way, stage by stage, out of my bedroom and into the land of the living, I did not want to do ANYthing. It was one of those days. I hadn’t slept well, the kids seemed far too full of energy, Eric had some constructive criticism to offer, and “have a good day” seemed like an insult to my intelligence.

I gathered myself enough to call a friend and pray before things got really bad. I stopped growling at everyone in the house and eventually, after many distractions, made a to-do list.

I like making lists. I don’t find it particularly helpful, but I enjoy it as a form of brainstorming. I wrote today’s list in pink pen, graffiti style. First, I doodled all the things I wanted to do. Then, I dutifully copied down all the things I could do to be productive. My next move was to stare at my list for a while. I liked the pink color. Doodling could’ve been better, though. Then I edited the productive side, labeling with stars the ones which required some extra help to accomplish. Stared some more.

And then I took a shower.

While I was taking a shower, Celeste (6 yrs old) found all the snow pants and got her brothers and herself ready to go outside. When I came out of the bathroom, everyone wanted to head straight into the “deep snow.” That nudged my memory a bit, so I got my craft box down and found what I was looking for. Using condiment bottles, water, and food coloring, I made “snow paint” for everyone to use outside. It worked really well, except there was some confusion on how to make them last longer than about five minutes. (Josiah basically dumped all of his inside one footprint.)


I started out with about 1/4 of the bottle full of water and eye-balled the food coloring. I probably used…8-10 drops per bottle (and that’s probably overkill but I don’t care). Then I added more water until it looked like it might thin out the color.


I accidentally missed getting Josiah’s face in this, but here’s a quick shot of the snow paint before it got trampled. …And the yellowish color was SUPPOSED to be orange, in my defense.


She’s so adorable, it’s really not fair. 🙂

Ah well, I felt like I accomplished something because I got the concept from Pinterest. Anytime I actually try something on Pinterest, I feel vindicated for my 400+ pins. The kids enjoyed the effect and that was all I wanted. Next time I’ll probably make about 20 bottles and buy two extra packages of food coloring…

Now I’m sitting at the kitchen table, typing away as the kids munch a granola bar, and you know what I’m planning to do next? Read “Snow Day” by Ezra Jack Keats aloud to everybody while we snuggle on the couch. After that I might think about lunch. Next comes naptime–for me and the two year old.

None of that is on my list.

It’s official. The surest way to spontaneous fun in this house is to make a detailed, well-crafted, organized to-do list. :p


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