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Feeling Alive vs. Feeling Comfortable January 3, 2013

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Amazing how feeling alive, full of energy, and ready to tackle whatever the day may bring does NOT coincide with feeling comfortable, sleepy, and pampered. Even more amazing how I try to match them, regardless of the evidence that Vigor and Complacence are incompatible.

Some of the things I do inspire me to be courageous. Some of the things I do inspire me to take up couch potato as a profession. I thought it might be good to take a look at those things. I want to pay attention to my choices this month. Awareness is half the battle towards lasting change and I have been running blind for awhile.

I Feel Alive When…

  • I consciously exercise and stretch
  • I wake up before anyone else in the house
  • I spend time with my kids being creative or productive or silly
  • I read my Bible with an alert spirit and mind
  • I blog, write stories, or otherwise create with words
  • I craft, design, or even just doodle all over something
  • I share an idea or new perspective with people who really needed it, and who then share it with others
  • I spend any amount of time outside (unless it’s sleeting), especially if I can leisurely walk, journal, and be alone
  • I spend time alone outside my house doing something rejuvenating (NOT grocery shopping)
  • I go to the library, especially if I am alone for a few hours
  • I eat one serving or a healthy snack
  • I drink plenty of water and take my vitamins (seriously, it makes a difference)
  • I take time to shower or sit in the bath
  • I take time to look nice, whether I “have to” or not
  • I do something for my husband that HE will appreciate
  • I SEE my house and embrace the work to be done by doing a little at a time
  • I help my children see the work to be done and coach them through doing it a little at a time
  • I catch a “teachable moment” with my kids, whether academic, spiritual, or physical
  • I spend quality time with the people I love, especially if some of that time is spent laughing!
  • I engage in any kind of community–geographic, online, mom’s group, etc
  • I make realistic plans and goals by writing them out

I Feel Comfortable When…

  • I stay in my pajamas all day
  • I sit on the couch and watch movies
  • I sit anywhere and surf the internet
  • I do things on Facebook for over an hour (same for pinterest, youtube, etc)
  • I eat what I want, when I want, as much as I want
  • I stay up late
  • I sleep in (doesn’t work, but if I could…)
  • I wait for people to call me instead of calling them
  • I think about things instead of doing them
  • I analyze myself instead of thinking about others
  • I accomplish something in what I think is my own strength instead of recognizing God’s work in me (hellooooo, Pride)
  • I paralyze my efforts by listening to the negative voice in my head that hates me (not exactly COMFORTABLE, but it is a place I’m unfortunately used to and so it is at least familiar)
  • I ignore the work to be done in favor of…anything else, anything at all
  • My kids leave me alone and occupy themselves
  • My husband leaves me alone and doesn’t ask me for anything to eat
  • My husband makes all the first moves so I feel showered in attention instead of making the first move on him
  • I don’t try, don’t succeed, don’t fail, just lay there like a slug
  • Someone else makes me food

Okay, not EVERYTHING on my comfortable list is inherently bad. It’s my motivation that makes those things stink so often. Many times I choose “me time” in uninspiring ways so I can feel satiated for the moment instead of invigorated for serving my God and my family.

So, when I choose to do something on my comfortable list (excepting times of sickness or recovery), I am really choosing NOT to live life with passion. I am really choosing to ignore everything except my infantile instincts of selfishness.

What I’m saying is I choose to be a big baby. And what am I really? A warrior princess, a Lucy standing with her Aslan, a Proverbs 31 woman of courage, a champion of the truth, a legacy-maker, an eternal being filled with the very Spirit who moved the universe into being. No time for regression! Hope is too compelling.


2 Responses to “Feeling Alive vs. Feeling Comfortable”

  1. Wait… what’s this about being in your pjs all day? WHEN’S THAT?

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