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Freewrite [6] August 22, 2012

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Life is a many-colored thing. I have so much going on outside my control and so much going on inside as well, it amazes me how this manages to be but one life and that not even 30 years old. People are complicated. Relationships between people? Downright convoluted. Communication is our only hope, I think, and there aren’t many artists of communication. How does this all come together at all? I mean, forget science and evolution vs. creation battles–the sheer necessity and difficulty of relationships convinces me the world must be held together by God Himself. We would have died out long ago if not for Him.

And then, on the other side, I am baffled by how simple the solutions are. Be transformed into someone who cares and then take it one step at a time.

Bam. Done. What’s the hold up. Let’s go.

The simplest things are the answers to the problems in the world. No one would go hungry who wanted to eat if each person decided to care, to be generous, to work alongside, etc. Cures would be found, I’m convinced, to the worst illnesses in the world if money was not an issue and if creativity was encouraged while tradition respected. My Mount Everest of Laundry would disappear if I just chose to put it all away.  These aren’t difficult concepts. They are very simple solutions.

They are simple, and simply hard to do.

Why? Why are the simplest things the hardest ones? Say “I’m sorry” first. Be consistent with parental discipline. Help when it’s needed. Smile, because it gives someone else permission to do the same. Find the joy in everything. Change what you can, embrace what you can’t.

Tough to do. It’s a fascinating place, life. Full of fascinating, frustrating people. I wouldn’t trade it for any version I would come up with. And can you imagine what God sees it as in its originally designed perfection? Just…wow. I think Heaven will be a place where everyone understand each other, and that is miraculous. Think about it.


One Response to “Freewrite [6]”

  1. Myxl Dove Says:

    I thought about it… and now my head hurts. lol

    Seriously though, I was just discussing something similar with my older boys. They’d never heard of Nikola Tesla ( and his many contributions to the industrial revolution. Many of his ideas died with him because 1) most of the details were in his head and, 2) he couldn’t get public or private funding due partly to the fact that the government and private investors didn’t stand to make any money from things he preferred given away for free. But it makes me wonder what this would would be like if his ingenuity, perseverance and creativity weren’t limited by the need for funding. I do think it’s simple. I believe the problems stem from mankind’s inherent selfishness and greed. But that’s a soapbox podium for another day. 😉

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