Painting heart-cries, word by word

Freewrite [5] June 23, 2012

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Love like a hurricane? As in it blows you away until you reach the center where everything is calm, eerily calm? I’ve thought this was a strange metaphor (or is it simile) for a while now. When referring to God’s love, the destructive, implacable, ruthless, raw power of a hurricane isn’t my first thought, but so many people seem to identify with that description. What does that say about how we know Him? I’m not saying God is not like a hurricane. I think it is interesting how we’ve chosen that imagery as the latest in acceptable comparison for Christian worship songs. A hurricane? Really? Do people on the hurricane coasts find that an apt description of God?

I know God is not comfortable and I don’t want to pretend He is. He is wild, and definitely full of raw power–His love does break me down before it fills me up. I think what confuses me is the way songwriters and singers have romanticized what a hurricane actually does. I love the song “How He Loves”, especially Kim Walker’s version. “He is jealous for me/ Love like a hurricane, I am a tree/ Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy…”  I love it, but part of me still smirks a little. A tree bending before the gale-force winds of a hurricane of God’s love? I think a more accurate picture would be a tree that gets totally uprooted and ends up shredded like string cheese on the side of a flooded street, which then becomes the nutrients for new saplings to begin growing weeks after the waters have receded. I don’t know, I guess what I’m looking for is reality in the wrong format. I mean, who addresses reality in song lyrics?

Okay, okay, that was facetious, I admit.

God. GOD. Not some indescribable feeling or some cosmic intuition. GOD, Himself. Personality, power, action, creativity, productivity, jealousy, hate, cunning, wisdom, mercy, peace, battle-ready, triumph, and yes–the biggest, most insane kind of love we could ever begin to fathom. GOD! Have you ever heard Him speak to you in the Holy Spirit? If not, why not? He isn’t mute. He has a voice and He uses it.  Have you ever fallen to your face in fearful reverence, in near despair from your imperfect state, only to realize in wonder that He’s covered you with His grace, completely changing WHAT you are? You went through His holy fire, came out on the other side, and now He’s got a job for you.

That is the God I praise. That is the God I work for.


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