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Trying On A New Adjective January 12, 2012

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When did I become so small?

There was a time that my biggest fault was opening my mouth and letting things pour out with no filter, but these days I am slightly embarrassed by my silence. I used to be unknowingly brave, although admittedly obnoxious as well. Now? Now I have my head bent, examining the effect of my shoes on the carpet, and I say nothing.

Case in point– I am in the library, miraculously kid-free (I have four, so, yes–a miracle), and I can barely string together an entire thought because these two people next to me are being so loud. They’re in high school, they’re hanging out, they’re having a good time. But it is a library and I came for the quiet, not a teenage version of the playing I see all day at home between my small children! I almost said something at least four times but instead of politely asking them to keep it down, I just sit here. Why? Why don’t I speak up?

“Timid” was never an adjective I applied to myself but it seems to be fitting.


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